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Today life in the Bay Area has become extremely expensive.

Packing and moving your home,

storage, office and has become a necessary occurrence that

everyone hates to participate in. We understand the need to economize and thus have created a labor loading company that is based on the primarily

to serve your needs.

Assisting you in the following:

1) Packing Moving trucks that you have rented for self moves

2) Packing PODS that you have obtained for the purposes of

intra and out of state moves

3) Packing within your homes for the purposes of transport

 by a licensed PUC carrier

4) Packing within you home for the purposes of loading

into a transportation POD

Some of our service locations include: San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley

San Ramon, Black Hawk, Concord, Fairfield and others around the bay

The people that we employ are experienced movers and offer

 their skills to efficiently and effective maximize the space you use inside these vehicles or POD boxes to get the

most for your dollar.

They also come with shrink wrap, movers’ blankets, straps that can

be purchased as needed to secure the load once it is inside the POD. This is a very important feature.

No one no matter how skilled can magically put furniture and perishable items into

container with out the supporting equipment associated with securing it.

Here are the rates for teams:

2 man team $125/hr

3 man team $185/hr

4 man team $230/hr

These team and rates are based on a 2 hour min time requirement.

Most jobs are at least this long but we need to make certain that we

are upfront about the fees. Also if you are located far from Oakland

 there might be a drive time surcharge for the time and fuel that

is required to get to you location.

Pls call txt or email today to confirm your reservation to take

 this load off your shoulders.

Phone: 510-775-2625

John Gooden



Information to consider

If you are self moving, you have more than one type of moving container to choose from. Rental moving trucks are widely used, but moving pods have emerged as an attractive choice as well.

Moving Pods (portable on demand storage units) are a recent innovation. They can be kept on site and in all weathers, letting people pack items at their leisure without concerns of being damaged by rain, wind, sun, snow, etc. This moving container is easy to pack since it is level to the ground and has a rectangular or square configuration. With moving pods, you will not need to deal with the inconvenience of walking up a ramp, avoiding a wheel hub, ducking your head under the door like you would with a moving truck. When a moving pod is packed and loaded, you can lock it and transport it to your new home. You can arrange for a moving company to pick it up and move it as well.

Another benefit of a moving pod is that it can be useful when remodeling and selling a home as well. Since you will need to free up space in your house in either or both situations, you can use a moving pod to store these items conveniently on site rather than purchase an off-site storage space. This lets you return items to your house more quickly and/or have them ready to be transported elsewhere to a new location. In either case, moving pods offer easy, flexible loading and on-site location advantages.

Rental moving trucks have been the primary moving container of the moving industry for many years. They are still valuable today. They are not as easy to load as moving pods and they tend to be gas guzzlers, but they can be driven and they carry larger loads. Moving trucks will continue to be important in part because moving pods cannot always be used. Depending on the area in which you live, code restrictions and space availability can make the use of moving pods impossible and/or illegal.

When you self move, you will have to decide which moving container to use: a moving pod or a moving truck. Your choice will depend on the needs of your move and your budget.


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